Contemporary Art Needs A Contemporary Presentation

Modern artwork should be framed with appropriate materials and aesthetics to keep the focus where it belongs: on the art. We chose white molding in a cube shape and a wide white mat for this contemporary mixed media work by Warren Dykeman. Float-mounting the art adds dimension and shows clearly that it is an original, not a reproduction. Because of the large scale, we used Conservation Clear Acrylic to protect it from light and dust and decrease the overall weight of the finished product. If the clients move, they can ship or transport the piece with less risk of damage. 

 Original painting on paper by Warren Dykeman. 

Original painting on paper by Warren Dykeman. 

Kid's Art is Fine Art!

We love to frame art by children, for so many reasons. Kids have spontaneous creativity and a fearless sense of color and design. Most of these creations end up on the fridge or inside a storage box... why not pick a nice group and frame them? Your budding artist will love the result and we guarantee you will too! Simple white frames keep the focus on the color in this exuberant grouping. Different sizes can be arranged to make a gallery wall that the whole family will enjoy! 


Remembering a Special Dog

Pets are a huge part of many families today. We are always honored to help clients create a memento of a beloved animal companion. This client had created impressions of his dog's four paws in a hardened plaster and wanted to protect and display them. After some discussion, we found a wood frame that suggested the color of his pet's coat, and a rough linen mat to complement the smooth plaster. The prints were carefully mounted and recessed into the frame for protection. The finished piece is a beautiful way to remember a special friend.