Custom Stacked Design

Some projects require a special solution that goes beyond the typical. This client had purchased a charming painting and wanted to give it a much larger presence than a simple frame could provide. After some brainstorming, we created a stacked frame with three components: a narrow black inner frame around the art, a large black linen liner to form a panel, and a dark wood float frame to cradle the panel and complete the look. Verdict: success! 


Vintage Frame Repair

We are fortunate to have several staff members with talents that go beyond picture framing! Peter worked on this vintage gold frame for several hours to camouflage the extensive damage. He used silicone moulds to replicate some of the missing decoration in key areas. The casts were placed onto the frame, gessoed, and painted gold to match the original tone. A layer of antiquing glaze completed the repair. The frame was then set with a mirror and sturdy hangers were added so that the clients felt confident hanging this heavy piece in their home.