Frame Textiles & Objects

Custom framing preserves and presents your treasures.


Textiles and objects pose unique challenges for display. Baas Framing Studio has over 20 years of experience creating framing solutions for unusual objects, textiles, sports memorabilia, awards, and heirloom items such as wedding dresses, military medals, and swords. Three-dimensional items can be securely fastened for display inside a shadowbox, frame, or plexi box. Let us help you create a family heirloom to mark a special occasion, or come up with a creative way to honor your achievements! Give us a call to schedule a design session if your project is complex. 



Embroidered Slipcover Framed As Elegant Artwork

A colorful stitched slipcover was floated on a cream mat and sewn into place for support. We used a bleached taupe grey frame and created some depth with a shadowbox for a perfect, simple presentation. Conservation glass protects the threads from UV light and fading.


Beaded Skirt from Africa in a Shadowbox

A heavily beaded skirt with leather trim required special treatment for presentation. Our framer sewed it onto a linen mat and added matching shadowbox strips for depth. A leather-wrapped frame finished the rich and elegant design.


Vintage Knives in Ornate Shadowbox

Three antique knives inside sheathes were mounted to a deep rust linen mat and placed into an ornate dark frame. Museum Glass minimized the reflection in the glass while protecting both the knives and the fabric from UV light.


Tibetan Hat in Gold Frame and Filet

Filets are small "mini" frames that can be set into a mat. In this design, the filet repeats the gold of the frame, adding a luxe touch to this memento of a trip to Tibet.


Papal Beanie In Gilded Silver Frame and Museum Glass

The client wanted to preserve memories of a trip to Rome and an audience with the Pope. We chose a deep silver gilded frame to reflect the opulence of the Vatican and to accommodate the 4" depth of the papal beanie. A photo and silver cross were inset with a matching silver filet to balance the design. Deep red linen added a dramatic touch. Divine!


Baby's First Christmas in a Custom Frame

Shadowboxes are a perfect way to preserve special memories, like baby's first Christmas, Hanukah, or birthday. A brushed brass plaque matches the gold toned frame, but the focus is a great expressive photo of this happy boy, and the actual hat he wore to meet Santa.


Conservation Mounted Sports Jersey

Sports jerseys are highly collectible and make a great addition to a media room. Jerseys can be folded into a neat shape and mounted with minimal stitches. All mounting is completely removable to protect the value of the jersey. Black frame and white matting add a sporty look to this design.


Vintage Cake Topper in Acrylic Box

A clear acrylic display box is a great solution for special objects like this vintage cake topper. We designed a linen platform and hidden mount to give it stability.